Our Boys

 This is Jamie, our handsome black and cream stud.  Although he is all grown up now, he is still just as sweet as he can be, and he is a very smart boy!  Jamie is a gentle, loving soul and he gets along well with everyone. 


 This is our precious Henry; he is a chocolate and tan piebald.  I am using his puppy picture because he will always be our baby.  We adopted Henry for our daughter to help her, and us, deal with the loss of our older doxie, Logan, to cancer. Henry is the closest thing to a human baby in puppy form that I have ever had the pleasure to love.  He is a true mini, weighing only 9 1/2 pounds.

 Spenser came to us from Lynn at Dashin' Dachsies.  He is a gorgeous cream, one of the lightest creams I have seen.  He is just as precious as he is handsome!  We are so very excited to have him with us!

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